Why are more and more people preferring laparoscopic surgery today?
Laparoscopic surgery requires smaller incisions and the patient is more comfortable post operatively. He or she can go home in a day or two. The risk of wound infections and hernia are very low.

Which are the common laparoscopic surgeries performed at Suraj Clinic?
Dr Rajesh Bijlani performs gall bladder and appendix removal and Dr Suman Bijlani, gynaecologist,  performs surgeries for removal of the uterus, ovarian cyst or fibroid. One of the commonest operations performed is laparoscopy for diagnosis of the cause of infertility.

People believe that laparoscopy may not be able to remove large tumours or large gall bladders and that only open surgery can complete the job. Is that true?
On the contrary, many major tumors are better removed laparoscopically using a machine called the morcellator which cuts it into smaller pieces for easy removal. Any gall bladder is completely removed by laparoscopy.

The general perception is that laparoscopic surgery is far more expensive. Is that the case?
At Suraj Clinic, we offer discounted surgeries for poor patients which make them even more affordable than open surgery! The entire world is moving towards laparoscopic surgery. We wish to popularise laparoscopic surgery in Kurla so that people here can avail its benefits.

Why choose Suraj Clinic for laparoscopic surgery?
Suraj Clinic has a clean and enviable track record in laparoscopic surgery. Dr Rajesh Bijlani, MS, and Dr Suman Bijlani, MD, DGO, FCPS, are expert laparoscopic surgeons with years of experience in the field.
Suraj Clinic Operation Theatre is loaded with advanced equipment and we follow safety protocols of international standards to ensure that your patient gets the best possible care. We give full attention to pre-operative and post-operative management as well.
Our team of anaesthetists is highly proficient and experienced in the field of advanced endoscopic surgery.

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